About Amy

Amy Roloff – Reality TV Star, Philanthropist, Mom, Wife, Business Woman, Inspirational Speaker, Author and Farm Owner are just a few ways to characterize this one of a kind woman.

Amy RoloffAmy may be a little woman but she is making a BIG difference in the world in many ways.

Her passion to help, inspire, and motivate others began in her childhood to her life today. She overcame huge personal and public challenges and obstacles then as she does now. Her key lesson in life and business is to be the best Entrepreneur of YOU. We all matter, have purpose, and value.

Amy may be the best well known ‘Woman and Mom’ life stories from her hit TLC TV reality show ‘little people BIG world’ about her and her family. Currently she is filming her 11th season and has filmed over 300 episodes with over tens of millions of viewers worldwide. Amy has appeared in a number media outlets such as The View, Jay Leno, Oprah, Good Morning America, Celebrity Buzz, Rachel Ray and other appearances. She has been in the New York Times, People Magazine and a number of other print outlets and blogs. She has also made appearances and been guest host on TV, radio, and Emcee for a number of events. She has written several books –Short and Simple Family Recipes, Little People BIG Values with her family, and one of the stories in Letters to Our Daughters. She is currently working on several other books.

Amy founded her non-profit Amy Roloff Charity Foundation (ARCF) in 2009 and has developed a successful grassroots organization that advocates, supports, inspires and changes the lives of kids facing life challenges. In the first four years, ARCF has raised over $1 Million in donations. Her goals for ARCF’s is to surpass the one-million in giving and donations above and beyond and to be one of the leading non-profits that advocate and impact kids lives in the years to come. Amy and the ARCF team believe and know they are making a difference in the lives of kids one at a time. A little help for a BIG World leads to little steps for a BIG Change in lives.

Amy is a graduate of Central Michigan University with a BSBA in Human Resources and Hospitality. After working at several small businesses and a high tech company in CA, she chose another significant path and that was to be an ‘at home mom’ after moving to a farm just outside the Portland OR area to her four kids, twins Jeremy, Zachary, daughter Molly, and youngest Jacob. Amy wasn’t ‘at home’ for long. She served on the board of her kid’s school, the board of Little People of America, a national non-profit organization, administrator of a local soccer club, youth soccer coach, and early childhood education and middle school age teacher.

Amy has not let the challenges and obstacles of a childhood illness and living with dwarfism stop her from knowing life matters, has purpose, and value. She shares her story of inspiration and motivation in over coming challenges and obstacles, adversity, giving back, parenting and faith to others in the many speaking engagements she does all over the country for the past seven years. Matter, Value, and Purpose that leads to You believing in YOU, your success, and impacting others around you. Amy enjoys being with family, friends, cooking, outdoors, hiking, traveling, writing, theater/improve, farm life and giving back.

You can read more about Amy on her website.