Amy Roloff Charity Foundation Looks Back at 2011

As we move forward into 2012, we first want to share the wonderful success The Amy Roloff Charity Foundation (ARCF) had in 2011 with helping children in need.

Starry Night, Summers Day September 17th and 18th 2011

Every year in September, we throw a big party on Amy’s Birthday to raise money and awareness for the charities we support: Providence Child Center, Special Olympics Oregon, Bridge Meadows, the Home Builders Foundation and the ISSA Trust Foundation were highlighted at the 2011 event.

We were honored to have Jason Kennedy as host, with special guest appearances by Julianne Johnson, Patrick Lamb, Nicole Camarata and Julian Rabbe all supporting the evening’s entertainment.

With the great success of our 3rd annual event, we have updates on the above charities and how all of you helped us make a difference for them.

Providence Child Center: Local Charity

ARCF made a donation to the Center for Medically Fragile Children (CFMC) which in part benefited their Aquatic Therapy Program. The children are able to undergo safe and comfortable physical rehabilitation in water. We featured 7-year old Joslyn in our special appeal video this year. She is a resident of the center and has made great progress in her physical mobility.

Since our donation to the center, Joslyn has been able to control her legs underwater after having no mobility whatsoever before. Thanks to Amy Roloff and her Charity Foundation who supported the aquatic therapy program in 2011, Joslyn can now stand in the water! Her increased mobility has also helped her gain more control of her neck and head, which helps Joslyn use her assistive communication device to communicate her thoughts and needs,” stated  by Karen Nagao, Occupational Therapist at Providence Child Center. 

Special Olympics Oregon: Local Charity

With the help of ARCF, the Special Olympics Oregon Summer Games program was able to continue. This program was in danger of being discontinued, and ARCF was able to support this wonderful program that allows kids with disabilities to compete in sports.

This is the response we received from the Special Olympics Oregon committee after our donation: “Special Olympics Oregon is so grateful to the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation for the generous support we received in 2011. We are 10,000 athletes strong and these funds help us provide quality sports training and competition experiences for all our participants. The need is great and the ARCF provided vital funds at a time when we needed it most. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

Bridge Meadows: Local Charity

Furniture and a monetary donation helped fund the Bridge Meadows annual event, and supported the new families that moved into their new residence last year. Kids just adopted into their new families were also able to feel secure in the knowledge that they finally had a permanent place to call home.

This is the response we received from Bridge Meadows after our donation: “The Amy Roloff Charity Foundation has been a huge contributor to the success of Bridge Meadows. Because of their involvement, our foster youth, adoptive parents and elders are all thriving in our three-generation community. We’ve seen our children improve in school and watched their past traumas melt away as they play together in the courtyard. Our elders are no longer isolated and are greeted by warm hugs on a daily basis. Our adoptive parents are receiving the support they need to raise happy, healthy families. Thank you ARCF! We couldn’t have done it without you. We applaud your generosity and efforts on behalf of vulnerable children in the Portland community.”

Issa Trust Foundation: International Charity

Children in the Western Caribbean suffer daily and go without pediatric medical attention. The hospitals available to them do not have the necessary equipment to handle life-threatening situations and have poor sanitation conditions. Our support of Issa Trust Foundation created opportunities for the children of the Western Caribbean to have updated equipment and adequately supplied medical facilities.

This is the response we received from Issa Trust Foundation after our donation: “Issa Trust Foundation is humbled by the support of The Amy Roloff Charity Foundation, and because of their support, we were able to make a measurable impact for the children and medical staff in Jamaica. The goal of the Issa Trust Foundation is to empower a population to take care of its own! It is with deep gratitude that we recognize and give thanks to The Amy Roloff Charity Foundation for their continued dedication and support!”

Home Builders Foundation: Local Charity

ARCF helps paint a better tomorrow by donating funds to the Home Builders Foundation. “Volunteers at Work” signs were visible all over the Portland Metro area on Saturday, November 12th. For the sixth year in a row, teams of volunteers went out into the community, armed with paintbrushes, to make a difference in the lives of Portland’s homeless population.

The Home Builders Foundation organized teams of volunteers at six local shelters where we were able to provide much needed coats of paint for non-profit service providers that often have very small budgets for maintenance of their facilities. We had the added benefit this year of having a volunteer professional paint contractor at each of the sites to help oversee the teams.

Additional Charities ARCF Donated to:

To finish 2011 strong, here is a list of additional charities and support ARCF was able to deliver:

Generosity Water: ARCF provided funding for a clean water well in Haiti, serving over 500 children in a local orphanage.

Metro Toy Drive: Through a partnership with Metro Toy Drive, Starbucks and Johns Incredible Pizza, over 4,500 toys were collected and distributed to children in need all over the Portland Metro area in December.
Oregon Food Bank: ARCF partnered with The Street of Dreams 2011 and the Home Builders Association to collect canned food and provide 850 meals for hungry families at the month long Street of Dreams event.

Human Solutions: Over 100 small household items/appliances were donated by ARCF to support homeless and low-income families throughout East Multnomah County, Portland Oregon during a holiday store project.

Other children’s charities also supported in 2011 were: St. Child Maternity Home, Boys and Girls Club, NPH Friends of the Orphans and the Children’s Cancer Association. 

In 2011, ARCF collected over $275,000 in goods, services and donations to help over 6,000 kids! Since the inception of ARCF in 2009, thanks to all of you, we have been able to collect over $500,000 in total goods, services and donations. Congratulations!

Amy and the Board would like to personally thank each individual donor, corporate sponsor and supporter of ARCF. Without all of you, we could not do what we love to do: help children in need.

Please help us continue to help children in need by continuing to sponsor, donate and support ARCF. We appreciate all that you do, and look forward to a progressively positive 2012! Join us September 15th and 16th for our next event, tickets on sale NOW!

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