Amy Roloff Charity Foundation Looks Back at 2012

Every year in September, we create a great fundraiser on Amy’s Birthday to raise money and awareness for some of the charities we support. Providence Child Center, Soccer for Success, Bridge Meadows and the Issa Trust Foundation were highlighted at the 2012 event.

We were honored to have Jason Kennedy as host, with a special guest appearances by Jeremiah Stroup and Patrick Lamb all supporting the evening’s entertainment. With the great success of our 4th annual event, we have updates on the above charities and how all of you helped us make a difference for them.

In 2012, ARCF collected over $250,000 in goods, services and donations to help over 25,000 kids! Since the inception of ARCF in 2009, thanks to all of you, we have been able to collect over $750,000 in total goods, services and donations.

Here are some of the charities we have helped thanks to your generosity!

Providence Child Center: Local Charity

Swindell’s Resource Center for medically fragile children, serving over 10,000 kids statewide

Soccer for Success: Local Charity

Supporting an afterschool program for underserved kids in low income Portland neighborhoods with nutrition, mentoring and physical education

Bridge Meadows: Local Charity

Sponsored an afterschool photography program for newly adopted kids who now have a permanent home after multiple temporary home stays.

Issa Trust Foundation: International Charity

Purchased pediatric medical equipment for kids in need in the Caribbean

Home Builders Foundation: Local Charity

Provided funding for renovations to support the homeless population

Additional Charities ARCF Donated to:

Generosity Water: Purchased 2 Clean water wells that serve over 10,000 on a daily basis

Metro Toy Drive: In partnership with Starbucks and Metro Toy Drive, collected over 6,000 toys that were distributed to homeless and underserved families

Oregon Food Bank: Collected canned food that served 2662 meals

Human Solutions: Provided hot meals for homeless shelter

Amy and the Board would like to personally thank each individual donor, corporate sponsor and supporter of ARCF. Without all of you, we could not do what we love to do: help children in need.

New Project!
Our project for 2013 is to partner with Portland State University to create an anti- bullying and character building curriculum for schools in the Portland and surrounding areas. Please help us continue to help children in need by continuing to sponsor, donate and support ARCF. We appreciate all that you do, and look forward to a progressively positive 2013!

Join us: September 14th, 2013 for our 5th Annual Starry Night Dinner, Auction Gala!

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