Looking ahead to 2016


Amy and Felix

This will be a year of big changes and I’m excited about what it will bring. Last Fall, the house was very quiet so I decided to bring in a four-legged companion. Many thanks to the Oregon Dog Rescue – I never knew a dog could smile but Felix actually does.

ARCF continues to support charities

I’m happy to say that the ARCF Foundation will continue to work with Human Solutions, Sparks of Hope, Swindells Resource Center (Providence Child Center), My Kitchen Outreach and others. More on this as the year progresses.

Talking to the world

I love speaking! In 2016, I’ll be traveling around the U.S. with ‘Get Motivated‘, a speakers group that focuses on sales training and strategies, personal success and wealth building. My upcoming engagements with Get Motivated are in Wichita, Kansas and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I also speak on other topics including bullying and personal empowerment – and my new hot topic: The Second Act. After almost 30 years of marriage and 20 years of being a full-time mom, I’m looking at what’s ahead for me and I know there are many other people who are asking the same questions.

News from the kitchen

pumkin salsaRoloff Farms Pumpkin Salsa Yes! After almost two years of testing recipes, my most favorite combination of ingredients has been discovered. I have three varieties that are now in full production and I am thinking about what might come next. Cooking has been one of my (many) passions for years and I’m glad to finally have the time to be creative in the kitchen. Stay tuned on this one…

Happy New Year!

~ Amy


  1. Nina Douglas says:

    Hi Amy
    I have followed your series from the start and find you inspirational. I would love to meet you one day in support of your charity work

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