Royal Caribbean Cruise

Anniversary Celebration – When Ben and I decided that we wanted to do something memorable for our 25th wedding anniversary, highest on our list was a trip to Alaska.  Our family enjoys RVing and with our two young children we have put many miles around the US looking visitng interesting places. While visiting with Lisa Dixon, I told her of our Alaska trip plans to celebrate our anniversary.  Lisa said “why not come on this charity cruise I’m working on”.  Cruise?  We had never even thought of going on a cruise.  We’re campers!
Lisa had just gotten back from a short cruise on the Oasis of the Sea and was so animated when she talked about the cruise.  I told her that I would talk about it with Ben, but not to count on us.  A few days later over a quiet date night dinner, Ban and I talked about our vacation options.  I mentioned the cruise with trepedation as the last option not dreaming Ben would even consider it.  We compared going to Alaska, Europe or the cruise.   As we talked about the cruise we got more and more excited about the possible activities both on the ship and the excersions off the ship.  There would be so much for all of us to do on the ship and since we have never been on a cruise, we would doing something unique and memorable.  I couldn’t wait to tell Lisa of our decision and texted her late that night.
Our family has already has a great time planning for the cruise and we can’t wait to board the ship and get started.  It promises to be a memory making vacation with lots of fun.

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